‘Client’ – the customer (person or organisation paying for the booking and putting on the event).

‘Agent’ or ‘Agency’ – Justin Higham trading as Sorcerers’ Agency.

‘Performer’ – the contractor who accepts the booking from the Agent and performs at the Client’s event.



1.1 Any changes to the Booking Agreement must be confirmed in writing.

1.2 All bookings are for the agreed duration starting from the agreed start time unless otherwise confirmed in writing prior to the event. In the event of delays to schedule (eg, guest of honour arrives late to the party) performers are under no obligation to overstay and may or may not decide to do so at their own discretion, whether or not they have performed for the booked duration.

1.3 It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the venue hired for the event holds relevant licenses for live entertainment.


2.1 The Performer is entitled to refuse recording via video camera on a tripod of his/her performance during the event but will normally allow short, informal video clips and photos taken by official photographers, or guests on their personal smartphones.

2.2 If over the course of the event the Performer considers that certain conditions interfere with the type of performance stated in the Agreement, s/he is entitled to change the type of performance to suit the conditions of the event in the best possible manner. This will not change the fee agreement.

2.3 In the event of accident, emergency, illness, etc, the Agency will undertake to provide a suitable replacement Performer or, failing that, return all monies paid by the Client with no further compensation owed.

2.4 If the Performer is delayed and is not going to meet the arrival time, s/he will notify the event manager / Client as soon as possible.

2.5 The venue must be a safe and dry environment for the Performer and water / soft drinks must be available to the performer for the duration of the event.


3.1. Customer payment for booking(s) must be made in full within 5 working days of receiving the Booking Agreement, the full price being the agreed price plus any agreed travel expenses. The Booking Agreement will be deemed null and void if payment is not received within 5 working days at any time prior to the event (i.e. by definition, the Agreement cannot be annulled after the event).

3.2 Bookings made less than 5 working days before the event must be paid for no less than 24 hours before the event, or immediately if booking less than 24 hours before the event.

3.3 Please note we do not accept deposits other than the full agreed amount (plus any travel expenses).

3.4 Payment is made by the Client to the Agency via (a) BACS bank transfer (details via email), (b) PayPal or (c) debit card using the PayPal platform (you won’t need to open a PayPal account for the latter; PayPal may apply fees for credit card payments). Please wait for us to send you a PayPal Request before making PayPal payments, as we cannot be responsible if you send payment to an incorrect address.

3.5 For all PayPal / debit card payments, the Client will be sent a PayPal Request in order to make payment.

3.6 Clients who do not wait for a PayPal Request and send payment to a wrong  email/PayPal address, or who pay via BACS to a wrong bank account, will be deemed to have not made any payment to the Agency; said customers will still need to make payment in full via the correct payment details to complete the booking.


4.1 Cancellations and amendments by the Client must be mutually agreed and acknowledged in writing, and are subject to forfeiture of monies paid as per 4.2 below.

4.2 Based solely on a customer having paid the full agreed amount (not partial deposits), 95% of this paid amount will be refunded to the Client if booking is cancelled 14 or more days before the event; 75% of this paid amount will be refunded to Client if booking is cancelled more than 7 days before the event; 50% of paid amount will be refunded to Client if booking is cancelled less than 7 days before the event. Please allow 5 working days for refunds to be processed.

4.3 Any agreed travel expenses will be refunded only if the Performer has not yet disbursed said expenses. Where the performer has disbursed said expenses (eg, purchased travel tickets or booked other means of travel specifically for the booked event), these expenses will not be refunded.

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